Don't leave your website vulnerable to hackers

Fix current security issues before it's too late

Actionable Insights to Protect your Business

Wakefly’s Website Security Audit will help you identify and understand which areas of your site are vulnerable to attack. If your site is compromised, you could be at risk of:

  • malware being installed on and distributed from the site
  • use of hosting resources to launch attacks on other sites
  • stolen customer data
  • disruption of service
  • data loss
  • replacement of public site content with alternate content.

Our in-depth audit will take a look at the many layers that make up your website’s security. Our engineers will check for everything from front-end vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and SQL injection to exposed web server and CMS configuration details that could aid hackers in narrowing their attack scope.

If you suspect that your website has vulnerabilities that could be taken advantage of by attackers and want to minimize risks associated with a compromised site, contact Wakefly today!