Search Engine Optimization

Free Traffic is Key to Online Success

SEO Strategy

Traffic to your site is a top key performance indicator and a powerful force when evaluating the marketing and branding of your organization. Having visibility in the top two organic search results has been proven to increase traffic to you website and enhance the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, but those coveted spots are extremely difficult to obtain. Let Wakefly formulate a digital marketing and SEM strategy that covers every aspect necessary to increase your organic rankings:

  • Competitor Analysis – We’ll help you identify your SEO targets to see where there is opportunity for you to outrank your competition based on relevance and search volume.
  • Site Structure & On-Page SEO –  We ensure that your website is technically sound. The majority of websites that we see everyday are still lacking in basic technical presentation. We also ensure proper optimization on an ongoing basis.
  • Keyword Research, Mapping and Optimization – Digital strategies must evolve and expand. Nowhere is this more true than with your keyword strategy. We’ll map keywords to your relevant content and help identify gaps where you might want to add pages about topics your users are searching for.
  • Content Strategy – Content is, and always has been, king. Our workflow ensures content creation achieves pride of place.
  • Social Media Engagement – We ensure your social efforts support your keyword and link strategies to drive qualified visitors and leads to your site.
  • Backlink Audit – Google needs links to see that your site is credible and should be highly ranked. Our experts are able to identify and assess all sites linking to yours and help you separate the spam from the quality links to maximize your domain authority.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit should be performed periodically on your website to avoid performance issues or keep up with the latest search engine algorithm updates. We’ll take a look at the structure of your pages, on and off-page elements that can be optimized, mobile-friendliness and usability and conversion. We’ll leverage tools that allow us to easily scan your site for things like:

  • Broken links
  • Duplicate text
  • Site errors
  • Performance issues
  • Missing Meta data

We will also evaluate your analytics results and be able to make strategic content recommendations that will keep you relevant to search engines and give your users a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Build Your Brand Authority

Whether the goal of your website is to increase form fills, whitepaper downloads, newsletter sign-ups, informational video views, or build the brand through organic visibility, Wakefly understands how to drive the appropriate audience to your site and increase conversions through on and off page optimization.

On-page optimizations include:

  • Improving page load time
  • Identifying and analyzing drop-off points
  • Optimizing calls to action
  • Improving mobile compatibility
  • Improving user experience
  • Correct keyword usage

Off-page optimizations include:

  • Social media brand building
  • Back-link strategy and influencer outreach

Wakefly’s SEO specialists have optimized hundreds of websites. Our depth of experience in social media, content marketing, and technical analysis gives your company a powerful advantage in competitive markets. We constantly apply innovative cross-channel collaboration to maximize the success we deliver to our clients.

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