Paid Advertising

Build Awareness

Paid Advertising is a great way to gain visibility for your brand. If your business is in a highly competitive space, paid ads can get you found for terms that could take months or years to gain top ranking on otherwise. We’ll help you come up with a targeted strategy so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Other types of advertising such as display, retargeting or social media ads may also be leveraged depending on your industry and the market landscape.

Get Results

Wakefly’s Digital Media Management process is performance-driven, which means we spend the time needed to understand your goals and objectives completely. We translate these goals and objectives into a customized strategy tailored to the individual needs of your business and work tirelessly to deliver consistent, exceptional results to maximize your ROI.

The combination of being a full service digital marketing firm that can design, write and refine ads while also being successful account managers who can maximize conversion elements for you means we can ensure strong results.

As the daily bids fluctuate, our certified Paid Media Specialists will control costs while maximizing your coverage across networks like Google Ads and Display Network, Bing and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

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