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In our previous blog, What are SERP features? Part 1, we provided a general overview of SERP features, and listed ones you will likely encounter. In this blog we will take a deeper dive into our top SERP features, and show you how to implement them on your website. SERP features are important for your website because you want your users to find your business more effectively on search engines. Optimizing your content for SERP features helps enhance your organic search presence.

Here are our top SERP features and different methods you can apply in your website marketing strategy:

Google Ads- Google tends to favor websites who use their products. Ensure that your marketing strategy includes paid ads. These paid ads are featured at the top and bottom of organic search results. Your ad position is determined by the relevancy to the search term, landing page content (where you’re driving content), and the amount that you bid in Google Ads. Utilize target focused keywords, improve user experience on your landing page content, and bid on ads.

Google Ads Result Example

Featured Snippets- Your website can gain more credibility and relevance with featured snippets. These are the search results that provide featured paragraphs (e.g., who is, what is, FAQs) or bulleted/numbered information (e.g., best of, rankings, ingredients). Include target keywords in the subheading of your content, format your content to target those relevant keywords, and incorporate lists or bulleted items into your pages.

Featured Snippet Example

Image Packs- Most people tend to be drawn to the visual component attached to search engine results. Having a relevant image displayed in search engines increases the click through rate from organic search to your site. Use informative file names for your images, in addition to alt tags and captions, to ensure they are search-friendly.

Image Packs Example

Local Packs- In Google Search, if you’re trying to find that new restaurant that opened down the street or looking for that music venue in your neighborhood, it is likely you’ve clicked on a Local Pack result. These are listings for places like restaurants, hospitals, parks, malls, and other points of interest in the area. With Local Packs you are shown different groups of businesses with images, geographic markers, addresses, information, and more. You can utilize products such as Google+, Google My Business, and Yelp to input information about your business to be better found on Google search. In your website, ensure all of your business information is up to date- address, service offering, reviews, etc.

Local Packs Example

Rich Snippets- These are the extra lines of information below your traditional SERP displays. Rich snippets include ratings, stars, prices, availabilities, etc. You can optimize your website for rich snippets by setting up structured data via schema. There are many tools and HTML plugins you can use to validate your structured data markup.

Rich Snippets Example

SERP features gives your website that extra boost it needs to diversify your organic search presence. As you are building out your digital marketing strategy, make sure you keep SERP features in mind and utilize some of the techniques we’ve mentioned above.

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