Posted on 8/19/2015 in Business and Strategy

By Dean Dorazio

If you run an eCommerce business, your product pages are the most valuable pages on your website. When optimized well, your products pages can convert web users into paying customers as well as increase your businesses’ online visibility. When poorly optimized, they could be the single source of declining sales and traffic.

To maximize your eCommerce product pages and start converting visitors into customers, follow these best practices:

Good Content Formatting

By formatting content in a way that makes it easy for users to read and digest, users will be better able to evaluate your product or service. An eCommerce product page should include a short description of the product, a high-resolution image of the product and a list of product specifications. Organizing the content in a helpful, meaningful way, can help increase the value of the web page as a whole page but more importantly, increase conversions.

Properly Optimized Images

For eCommerce sites, you must make sure your images are fully optimized. Image search can play an important part in the buyer’s journey for an eCommerce site. Optimizing your product images by including keywords in your alt tags and file names can put you in a better position to rank higher in image searches. It is also important to note that the images of products should high resolution. This will allow users to get a great look at your products while helping with the overall user experience of your product page.

Quality Product Descriptions

A product description is a great opportunity not only to speak to your ideal buyer, but to include keywords that you have not yet been able to include in the header, title tag, meta description or URL. These keywords will most likely be longer-tailed keywords, related keywords and keyword synonyms – all related to the product being sold online. The combination of searchable keywords and descriptive content that speaks to your ideal buyer makes for a winning combination.

Optimize Your Website

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