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By wakefly

There are millions of marketing campaigns being run at any given time.  Marketers spend hours upon hours conceiving and developing these campaigns in hopes of having success…so how much is dependent on luck?  Can you tip chance to your favor?  Today must be your lucky day then as we talk about how.

I recently read a blog post about the 4 Components to Increase Your Luck Value.  As I read it, I thought about how it applies to marketing.  Why are some campaigns so successful? Is it truly just luck?  Below, we’ll talk about the 4 components and how to apply this to your marketing so that you can improve your luck value.

1. Preparation

Lucky marketers are those that are prepared.  They are constantly learning and preparing themselves for different scenarios that might happen.  For example, video marketing has been heralded as a large marketing trend for 2018.  However, this may not be in your budget for the year.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about it at a high level.  You never know when unexpected budget becomes available.  Often, it is the person who has the best planned idea that gets the opportunity.

2. Exposure

To me, this means testing, testing and more testing.  Lucky marketers are those that are constantly trying new variations.  I can almost guarantee you that a poor performing campaign will not just magically start doing better without intervention.  Test your copy, graphics, button colors, form fields, etc.  Of course don’t change them all at once as you won’t learn what is actually having an impact, but you should always be testing.

Also – I always encourage my clients to set aside a small amount of budget for testing new techniques.  These tests should really be just for the sake of trying something new.  You never know when you will get lucky.  We recommend running many small tests vs. one large test.  It is less expensive, you can be nimble, and your exposure to luck is multiplied!

3. Perseverance

You must persevere even when you think you are the must un-lucky marketer in the world.  Preparing and exposing yourself to lots of opportunities is exhausting.  Sometimes it feels fruitless…but you must go on.  Always be on the lookout for an opportunity.  I once had a boss that was the luckiest person I knew.  He was always finding money on the sidewalk, the parking lot, you name it.  After one of his lucky episodes we talked about it.  He didn’t consider himself lucky at all.  All he said was – “well I am always looking for it.”  No matter where he went, he looked on the ground to see what he could find.

4. Action

Lucky marketers take action.  As I have stated before, you actually have to do something to be lucky.  Luck is never just bestowed upon you by a leprechaun.  Luck does not come to those who sit back and wait.  You have to seize it!  So speak up with your ideas, be prepared, and keep moving the ball forward.

I am a smart enough Irishman to know that I should not say that Leprechauns or luck aren’t real.  However, I do believe that you can make yourself more available and open to being lucky by following the steps above.

Try your luck with some new marketing ideas

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