Posted on 12/11/2015 in Business and Strategy

By Dean Dorazio

As part of the High-Tech industry, you’re paving the way for new discoveries and benefits for your clientele, whether they are businesses or the average consumer. You know that you have great solutions that will solve their ever present challenges, but you have one question: how do I market my products successfully?

Your company probably invests in traditional marketing strategies already: maybe you tout your products at trade shows and advertise conventionally through print or even televised media. You’re blazing the way for high-technology, so why not take that next step and break ground with the innovations in marketing online?

Digital Marketing can help you market your software by leveraging your website to increase sales with an interconnected approach.

Understanding Your Sales Funnel

The first step in increasing sales in high-tech is understanding the sales funnel. Once you have a grasp on it, you can use your new knowledge to create a targeted strategy. Your customers will be at different points of the funnel at any given time.

It’s imperative that you are able to connect with each and every customer immediately. Your company will be dealing with the factory manager who needs to know the products offered. It will also be convincing the purchasing department that your solution is a strong investment.

This is why your website matters. Your website will be able to attract and aid any type of preferred customer (buyer persona), thus moving them further down the sales funnel.

The Buyer’s Journey – How People Reach You

Every customer goes through a decision process. That method, how they move down your sales funnel, is called the Buyer’s Journey. It is different for each person, involving everything from past experiences, to word-of-mouth, to online searches. It is whatever impetuses lead customers into making a purchase.

You want to prove to customers that your product is the right solution for their problem. The market is large and they have many options all scrambling for their attention and business. Against all of this competition, why should they end their buyer’s journey with you? Why not choose anyone else? Because with a strong website that allows your sales team to collect and utilize data, you will reach the customers how they want and will be more favorable towards your product. Upon their research on your website, they’ll know you’re a leader in the industry and trust your product.

Your Website – The Hub of Your Business

Let me get this out of the way, your website needs to become a leading industry resource for your sales team and people alike. The goal of your site should be acting as an online library for high-technology. Now I don’t mean this literally, containing only articles and information. What you need to do is provide VALUABLE information and on a regular basis. What your website can do to attract people:

  • Provide Resources
    • Compile eBooks, maintain a blog, write white papers. All of these are sharable, informational resources that answer customers’ questions. And if you come across new questions, you have more content to create!
  • Provide Products
    • They’re what you’re selling. They’ll help your customers. Providing access to your products and their descriptions helps customers at the consideration and decision stages.
  • Provide Support
    • This is important for people at the bottom of the funnel. They may have questions or comments and will want to reach you online. Doing this well leads them to become brand advocates which can turn into helping others become aware of you.
  • Provide Value
    • The long and short is to provide value consistently. It gives people a reason to come to your site, to return to it, and to get others to visit. You become a thought leader and your sales team has an easier job getting your solutions to those who need them.
software - how to market your software on the internet

To draw in consumers, you need to have a strong offer. Your product can be whatever you want. More than anything else, what you present must be- that’s right- valuable. They do not have to be actual purchasable products. You can present downloads to get demographical information about your clientele, for example. Information can be as good as revenue some days. Whatever you’re trying to give to get, make sure that people will want it, enjoy it, and spread it around.

Having good products alone will not bring all of the traffic that you desire. You need to present your offers in a way that will effectively reach customers and generate positive responses. All of these problems can be covered with a good website. A sharp, efficient site will attract customers and give your sales team the resources they need to prove that your products have worth.

If you lack a website, you are missing out on these opportunities. People will not find you through searches (more often than not), and your team will not have a collection of information to use for everyone’s benefit. If you have a site that is neglected or unprofessional, then people who find you will believe (falsely) that you are unprofessional.


Your high-tech site should be as impressive as your solutions, providing as much value for consumers as everything else you supply. Leveraging your website as a resource for them helps everyone overall. RightNow Technologies put a lot of care into their site, deciding to focus on their personas, and was rewarded with a 4x conversion rate! You can achieve your goals, too, with a little effort and maybe some help from digital marketing.

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