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By wakefly

Google Trends recently released a story about Super Bowl LII search trends and I found that it’s quite interesting.

To start things off, when I got the “Think With Google” newsletter, I was surprised to see that Google had called the "New England Patriots" the "Boston Patriots", a name which hasn’t been used since 1970. Maybe Google should spend some time re-crawling the Patriots website before the big game....

Google Trends Goof

Google Trends Goof

Most Searched Super Bowl players

Not a huge surprise that Tom Brady has held the top spot for Super Bowl player specific searches surrounded by the hype of his hand injury and his new Facebook Documentary, Tom vs Time. The other 4 spots however have been bouncing around Gronk and Amendola of the Patriots and Foles and Wentz of the Eagles. Hit play on the widget below to see how the contention has changed between Jan 24 and today. All these widgets update every hour so be sure to check back.

Searches by County

The Patriots are the most searched team in Middlesex County in Massachusetts. Interestingly, the county ranks 17 in the country for the Eagles and 1 for the Patriots, out of 3098.

The Eagles are the most searched team in Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania. This county ranks 1 in the country for the Eagles and 7 for the Patriots, out of 3098.

Trending Queries in Minnesota for the past week

Looks like Minnesotans have been enjoying hosting this year’s Super Bowl with searches about and related to the Super Bowl experience happening at the Mall of America. Searchers seem most interested in finding parking and the hours of operation.
This widget doesn't seem to want to embed with the "Rising" searches. The widget below is displaying the "Top" keywords. Click through to the article to see the "Rising" keywords I spoke about.

Searches during the Playoffs

See exactly which teams the country was supported by checking out the map below.

Check out the most searched teams during the playoff period. Press play to see how the standings moved based on the games that were played on the timeline.

Super Bowl Interest by Country

Even though the Super Bowl is held in the United States and only features American teams, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, and the UK are in the Top 10.

‘Superb Owl’ Misspelling Spike

Google recognizes what people mean to type and preemptively displays Super Bowl-related SERPs.

Top Questions on the Super Bowl in Minnesota

Depressingly, the top search in Minnesota is still “Will the Vikings win the Super Bowl?” Sadly for Vikings fans, it’s not possible this year. The #2 search is about the cost of Super Bowl tickets, #3 concerns this year’s halftime show, #4 is a search for how many times the Vikings have been to the Super Bowl, and #5 is about enterprising individuals looking to make some money renting out their houses.

If you strip away the Super Bowl hype and the fancy graphics in the Google Trends story, you can see just how powerful a tool Google Trends can be. I find it amazing that we can drill down data to such a granular level, like the most popular search term by US county for example. In your day-to-day digital marketing research Google Trends can be utilized to help you identify hot blog topics, learn of trending news, keyword research, queries and topics related to your keyword, popularity by country, compare keyword metrics side-by-side, and much more. If you haven't been using the platform I would highly suggest adding it to your shelf of digital marketing tools.

If you’d like to take a look at the Google Trends article yourself and to see additional search trends, check it out here:

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