Our Proven Process


Our sales team will work with you to identify the requirements for your businesses website. We focus equally on business and presentation goals as well as functionality to build an effective website. Based on this information we’ll provide a detailed proposal with a fixed cost that outlines the project at a high level.


Our Boarding phase includes the collection and definition of everything we’ll need to build your website. It starts with strategy meetings where we discuss in detail the business goals, the target audience, content, value proposition, branding, and conversion opportunities. We rely on you to know about your business and marketing goals – you can rely on us build your website’s online marketing strategy. Deliverables of the Boarding phase may include:

  • A detailed project timeline outlining roles, responsibilities and deadlines
  • Persona definitions detailing who makes up your target audience
  • Completed designs for the homepage and selected sub-pages
  • A site map indicating the structure of content on the website
  • Wireframes detailing functional areas of the website
  • A detailed functional specification document outlining exactly how the website will work from both end user and administrator perspectives


Based on the knowledge of your business gained during initial strategy meetings, Wakefly designers create two separate home page designs that explore different options for content focus, look and feel, calls to action and persona targeting. A collaborative revision process consolidates the best of these two different directions into a single home page design. From there, Wakefly designers build out the additional layouts required by the website, including responsive or mobile-friendly layouts.


During the development phase, Wakefly’s team builds your website to the specification agreed upon during the Boarding phase. Your project manager will schedule regular check-ins and demos so that you can see the work in progress and answer questions in real-time.

Quality Assurance

Wakefly performs a thorough test of your website based on a combination of your project’s deliverables and our proprietary checklist of industry best practices. We test in all the platforms (browsers and devices) identified during discovery and don’t hand over the website until all identified issues have been resolved.

Knowledge Transfer

Before your team reviews the completed work in detail, your Wakefly developer hosts a knowledge transfer session to walk your team through the site as it was built in the target CMS. This provides a basis for understanding how to update and add content to the site during acceptance testing. The Wakefly developer hosts a final session before launch, answering any remaining questions your team has about how the site was built or how it works. This knowledge transfer augments the written Functional Specification and planning documents that act as detailed documentation for the site as built by Wakefly.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing is your team’s opportunity to thoroughly review and test the finished project. The Wakefly team is there to answer any questions along the way, and our convenient web-based tracking system makes entry and management of issues and change requests simple and fast.

Website Go-Live

When your website is ready to go-live, Wakefly is there to help you with the tricky bits like DNS and hosting. Our fully managed hosting service provides a single point of contact for all your website needs and peace of mind that the servers hosting your website are being professionally monitored and managed in Amazon’s world class data centers. If you choose to host elsewhere, Wakefly developers will deploy the website to your environment.