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Wakefly has been a Kentico Gold Partner since 2008

Proud to Be a Kentico Quality Expert

kentico partner logoWakefly is one of the oldest and most experienced Kentico Solution Partners. Wakefly has been a Gold partner since the inception of the partner program in 2008. Our vast portfolio of highly technical and marketing-focused websites allowed us to achieve Kentico’s highest honor, Quality Expert.

Through the years, we have developed a highly successful process for planning, building and deploying Kentico websites. Although we don’t exclusively build sites on the Kentico platform, we have extensive experience with this robust content management system and have launched hundreds of Kentico websites. In early 2017, we earned our status as a Kentico Quality Expert, a distinction awarded to just ten partners globally (four in the US), representing the top 1% of a network of 1,100 Kentico solutions partners in 80 countries. Read more about that here.

Kentico Website Development and Maintenance

Whether you are in the market for a new website or just need help making updates to an existing Kentico website, we can act as an extension of your team to help you achieve your goals. Kentico’s comprehensive feature set makes it a great choice for marketers who are looking to gain control of their content.

What really sets Kentico apart from other content management systems is its flexibility and scalability. This all-in-one platform is perfect for multi-site installations, intranets and private portals, ecommerce, localization and online marketing.

Wakefly’s entire project team has experience working with Kentico, including many certified web developers and EMS certified marketers, so you can feel confident entrusting us with your site. Our most typical project types include:

  • Site migration into Kentico
  • Design and development of a new Kentico website
  • Continued maintenance and enhancements to existing Kentico websites

Kentico Code Audits

If your car wasn’t running well, you might take it to a mechanic to see what’s going on under the hood. A Kentico code audit does the same thing for your website. Our Kentico engineers will perform a thorough review of your site’s performance, code, and architecture and provide you with a detailed report of their findings and recommendations. Additionally, we can help with the implementation of any priority items to improve the performance of your site quickly. The end result is a site that loads faster, is more secure, and easier to manage.

Kentico Upgrades

Kentico is always improving their platform but the upgrade process can be overwhelming for non-technical users. Enjoy the benefits of the latest new features without fear of breaking anything on your current site. Our proven upgrade process minimizes the amount of time needed for a content freeze and ensures that the upgraded version of the site is tested thoroughly before deploying.

Kentico Training

Wakefly offers customized Kentico training for all skill levels. We take time to understand your training goals, review your website and develop a unique training program tailored to you and your team. We offer training on everything from basic content editing to advanced Kentico web developer training.

What sets our training apart is that we train you not only on the Kentico basics but also on the nuances of your own website, including any custom functionality that might be unique to your business. Training is available onsite or remote and includes time with the trainer beyond the sessions for some additional coaching.

Kentico Hosting

If you host your Kentico website with a standard hosting provider, the scope of support you will receive is limited to server issues. The benefit of hosting with Wakefly is access to Kentico engineers who can troubleshoot server and CMS-specific issues, and resolve them quickly without having to coordinate with other third-party companies.

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The Wakefly/Kentico Experience

“Our in-house team is a little unconventional in how our process works. I’m so appreciative of Wakefly’s patience and outstanding listening skills. They went the extra mile to understand our needs. Overall, my personal experience has been great! Ryan has been a fantastic coach and Stephanie is reliable and does a great job keeping everything moving forward. Thank you, Wakefly!”

Christine Brown
Creative Manager, Total Quality Solutions