Kentico Web Development

Wakefly has been a Kentico Gold Partner for nearly a decade

Proud to Be a Kentico Gold Partner!

Wakefly is one of the oldest and by far the most experienced partner with highly technical or marketing focused websites. Wakefly started as a Kentico gold partner back in 2008 with the inception of the partner program.

Through the years we have developed a highly successful process for deploying Kentico websites. We have project teams dedicated to Kentico so they have extensive experience planning, designing, managing, testing, optimizing, hosting and supporting Kentico.


In early 2017, we earned our status as a Kentico Quality Expert, a distinction awarded to just ten partners globally (four in the US), representing the top 1% of a network of 1,100 Kentico solutions partners in 80 countries. This accolade was given after 2 extensive audits of our website code were completed in order to verify that we are utilizing core Kentico development standards and best practices for architecture, design, and custom coding. Wakefly is very proud to have Kentico recognize the methods and detail to which they serve each of their clients in all of our projects.

Customized Kentico Training

So, you need training in Kentico? Choose the leader in Kentico training – Wakefly! We will customize a training program for you and your team. Whether your a Kentico ninja and ready to unlock the true power of Kentico or completely new to Kentico and just want to make a Landing Page without breaking into a cold sweat.

Wakefly will spend the time to understand your training goal, review your website and customize a training program for you and your team. We offers training programs from basic Kentico 101 content administrator to advanced Kentico developer training.

Our focus is to learn all of the nuances of your website and train you on your website – not standardized Kentico training you can read from a book. We will hit most of those topics through the training but in the context of how they relate to your business specifically.


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