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An online resource and community for health care professionals, providing the latest in nutritional research.

  • CMS Implementation

WholisticMatters provides a platform for caregivers to find information on health supplements and holistic medicine.

The client came to us as they wanted to develop the site in Kentico and wanted to use a certified Kentico Partner. The site is intended to create a community of users around the holistic topics and to provide a forum for them to share with each other via reading lists or conversations. All site visitors can read the public articles on the site. After registering, using either their email or Facebook/LinkedIn logins, the user can also see private articles or add articles to personal read lists they create that are either private or made public to other readers. Users select topics to follow; the site then includes articles related to those topics on pages for that user. The site also contains conversations on which registered users can comment, as well as “like” other users’ comments. Articles can also be discovered via Key Topic pages, such as Cardio Metabolic Control and Immune Modulation, that contain many articles relating to that topic.

Key Features include:

  • Easy content maintenance
  • Ability to create conversation topics and monitor conversation comments