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A world leader in designing and manufacturing flexible bag packaging systems

Automated Packaging produces more bags-on-a-roll and bagging systems than all of their competitors combined. The original inventor of Autobag® bagging machines and pre-opened bags on a roll – they are dedicated to providing their customers with the best complete bag packaging solutions.

A longtime client of Wakefly, they came to us looking for a way to streamline their Google Analytics reporting process. With over 60 domains worldwide in over 40 languages, it was extremely time consuming to gather useful data about each site on a regular basis. They needed a solution that would provide a global view of all of their websites’ key data points, as well as views for individual websites and regions. It also needed to be user-friendly and easily exportable to a PDF so that it could be shared and emailed with other team members.

Read the full case study below to learn about the custom reporting suite we built for Automated Packaging Systems that has saved them approximately 15 hours of manual data collection per month!

“We are thankful to Wakefly for guiding us down this path to user-friendly reporting that is much easier to maintain. Wakefly took the time to thoroughly understand what we needed and suggested a solution that not only works for now, but for our growing needs. We spent far too much time generating manual reports that were not pleasant or easy to comprehend. Now, key players and management are reading, understanding, and engaging in our reporting. More importantly, now we can spend our time analyzing our data in order to come up with meaningful ways to improve our results. Our old process used to take us 15+ hours a month to do. Now it takes less than an hour.”

Lori Braunscheidel
Digital Project Manager, Automated Packaging Systems