Project Overview

Wakefly has been working with St. Mary's Bank for the past several years maintaining and adding new features to their existing website. The latest project included a request to redesign the site and to approach the project in phases. The priority was to start with the home page, main navigation, and footer. They were looking to make the homepage more streamlined and included initial design mock-ups that needed to be reviewed and completed by the Wakefly team. This also included responsive versions. They wanted their new homepage to highlight featured rates, news/upcoming events, and their story about how they became the first credit union in the nation! The home page is also where highlights of new and existing products and services would be featured. The redesign was to also clean up their online banking login and improve tracking. The final project includes these features and the ability for St. Mary's to easily manage them.

Key Features

  • Featured Rates
  • Upcoming News/Events
  • Our Story
  • Easy content management
St Marys Home Page 345x375.png
St Marys Interior Page 345x375.png