Project Overview

The new Speed Queen Commercial site was redesigned to update the look and feel as well as combine the market sites into one cohesive site with a unified look and set of functionality. The design was completed by another design firm and Wakefly implemented it within the Kentico CMS. The site was created for ease of content entry. It incorporates pages that have highly structured content, as well as flexible page layouts which allow arbitrary placement of widgets to allow the content to meet the specific needs of the page.

The site relies on a middle tier of code to reach out to other data sources at ALS to provide the product literature, facilitate the locator tool, and integrate forms with an external CRM. Wakefly streamlined this middle tier to ensure more uptime and reliability while maintaining functionality.

Key Features

  • Integration with a middle tier of services
  • Locator services by country/postal code and market
  • Filtered literature lookup
  • Customizable templates
Speed Queen Home Page
Speed Queen Laundry Solutions Page