Project Overview

Wakefly, Inc. began working with Patcraft in 2018. The relationship started with maintaining and enhancing their existing Kentico website. The larger goal was to replace their existing website with a modern, integrated, and more maintainable solution built with Kentico MVC. In 2020-2021, a team consisting of Wakefly, Iris, Patcraft, and Patcraft's parent company Shaw Industries, Inc., achieved this goal by redesigning and rebuilding Patcraft's website.

In this website rebuild, a major objective was to allow data from a custom application to be managed within the Kentico CMS interface. Wakefly also rebuilt the website search functionality using Algolia, to directly integrate with Patcraft's product data and provide an expressive faceted and predictive search. The customer account and product checkout process were also rebuilt using new services defined by Shaw Industries. Throughout the process, Wakefly and Shaw Industries jointly contributed development solutions to make these new integrations possible.

Through collaborative efforts of all parties involved, Wakefly aided in integrating Patcraft's new website into their organization's newly-standardized services, extended content entry capabilities within the CMS, and gave the site an improved look and content structure by implementing Iris's modern design.

Key Features

  • Responsive website standards
  • Faceted site search
  • Product data management
  • Ecommerce
  • Service integrations
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