Project Overview

Ohlson Packaging was looking for a partner to assist them with paid marketing campaign management. When they first came to Wakefly, they had been working with a vendor that was performing substandard work at an inflated cost. We provided PPC consulting and lead generation services that including reevaluating keyword strategies and ad copy for various campaigns. 

Ohlson found Wakefly's approach  to be strong and focused from the get-go, and the cost structure really worked well for their needs. 

Key Features

  • Paid media management
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword strategy
  • Ad copy creation & optimization
Ohlson home page
ohlson interior page

Big Wins

After they moved from their former agency, we started over. Wakefly completely revamped Ohlson's campaigns and the new versions are performing much better. 

Increase in Clicks
Improvement in Click Through Rate (CTR)
Increase in Conversions

Wakefly provided a strong approach from the get-go, and a cost structure which really worked well for our needs as we switched vendors.