Project Overview

Wakefly Inc. leveraged the power and versatility of WordPress to craft a compelling new website for the Nixon Visions Foundation, embodying their commitment to creativity and community support. The project began with a detailed discovery phase, where Wakefly and the Nixon Visions Foundation collaborated closely to outline the goals, functionality requirements, and aesthetic preferences for the website.

Using WordPress as the foundation, Wakefly tailored a custom design that resonated with the foundation's mission and values. They employed WordPress themes and plugins strategically to enhance user experience and functionality. Key features included a visually engaging homepage that highlighted the foundation's initiatives, projects, and success stories. They integrated donation functionalities, allowing visitors to contribute directly through secure online transactions.

Wakefly ensured the website was responsive and optimized for various devices, providing a seamless browsing experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. They also implemented SEO best practices to enhance visibility and reach, ensuring the foundation could effectively connect with its target audience and supporters.

Furthermore, the team at Wakefly provided comprehensive training to the Nixon Visions Foundation staff on managing and updating content through WordPress's intuitive backend interface. This empowered the foundation to maintain their website independently, ensuring that they could keep their audience informed about upcoming events, latest news, and ongoing projects.

Key Features

  • Wordpress CMS
  • New website design
  • Constant Contact integration
Nixon Visions Home Page
Nixon Visions Sub Page