Project Overview

Infinite Electronics, Inc. has been a long-time client of Wakefly. In 2018 , they decided that they wanted to expand their marketing reach for two of their brands, Transtector and PolyPhaser. Their primary goal was to increase the traffic of their Google Ads account to these sites.

The existing paid campaigns for the two Infinite brands were relatively limited. They were mostly focused on branded terms. Since the desire was to grow the accounts quickly, but responsibly, Wakefly added 20 new campaigns over the course of the year between the two brands. These included search, GDN and remarketing campaigns. The campaigns were based on the different content sections of the websites.

Key Features

  • Google Ads management
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Ad copy optimization
infinite electronics home page
infinite electronics interior page

Big Wins

After the new campaigns were created, there were several rounds of optimizations made. These optimizations included extensive negative keyword research, keyword additions, ad copy adjustments and bid strategy tweaks. The results of these optimizations were:

Increase in Clicks
Increase in Impressions
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Return on Ad Spend

In terms of project management and meeting milestones, they make our business look excellent to our clients. Their management skills are exceptional, and they're excellent at articulating a clear timeline with specific dates and elements. They're not just a nine-to-five agency; their team works extremely hard to meet milestones and provides detailed outlines of where our money goes.