Project Overview

Health Plans, Inc. (HPI) came to Wakefly to implement and develop a 3rd party's new website design. HPI and Wakefly had an existing relationship that involved maintaining HPI's existing web property. This allowed us to be efficient with working in their environments and understanding their goals. HPI wanted to implement the redesign of their current website in phases, first tackling the public-facing pages. The goals of the project were to give their public-facing identity a refresh matching their new corporate brand standards. They also wanted to apply some of their brand standards to the remaining client login areas.  The biggest challenge was implementing some of the design features, including an interactive pinwheel and interactive map.

Key Features

  • New design matching newly updated corporate brand standards
  • Separation of public-facing pages from secure client pages and portals
  • Mapping of pages between both sites to allow users to seamlessly navigate between secure and public-facing pages
  • Clean and streamlined user experience
HPI Home Page 345x375.png
HPI Interior Page 345x375.png