Project Overview

Following the successful expansion of the primary ECHO USA website into ECHO Canada and ECHO Latin America, Wakefly was entrusted with the development of a new website for ECHO Means Business (EMB). Unlike the product-centric websites, EMB had unique requirements, focusing more on delivering insightful "how-to" and product review content from the ECHO User Advisory Group (UAG) through blog posts and videos.

Leveraging the established features and functionalities of the USA, Latin America, and Canada sites, including Page Builder templates, sections, and widgets, Wakefly seamlessly integrated the new EMB website. The project involved the creation of bespoke page templates tailored to support the presentation of blog and video content. Additionally, Wakefly introduced an innovative model allowing content editors to tag blog/video posts with their respective UAG authors.

The result is a dynamic platform where website visitors can easily filter content by product type, UAG author, and content type (how-to videos, product reviews, etc.). This empowering feature grants users complete control over discovering the content that aligns with their preferences.

By consolidating four websites – ECHO USA, ECHO Canada, ECHO Latin America, and ECHO Means Business – within a single Kentico instance, Wakefly has provided the ECHO marketing team with an efficient and centralized solution. This enables content editors to swiftly manage products and content across diverse markets, streamlining the management of ECHO's digital presence and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Kentico Xperience 13 CMS
  • Multisite instance
  • Page Builder templates, sections and widgets
  • Product filtering and product comparison tools
  • Multilingual support for different cultures.
Echo Means Business Home Page
Echo Means Business Sub Page