Project Overview

When Wakefly began working with Community Medical Centers, their website was dense with great content but they were concerned about how difficult it might be for users to find the information that they were looking for. The primary purpose of their website is to educate the public so an intuitive navigation and well-executed information architecture were key to the success of the site. Internal staff also use the site as a source for information about other specialty services within the network.

Under Wakefly's direction and guidance, Community Medical Centers gained a well organized, easy-to-access and easy to understand website that was better at keeping users engaged within a given section of the site.  Another benefit of this collaboration involved the creation of  flexible templates for content editors to add items like events and newsroom articles that improved the ability to share content between users. This approach created a collaborative environment and allows for a structured workflow and approvals; thus simplifying the process for managing content from many users. 

Key Features

  • Kentico workflow used for content approval process 
  • Kentico CMS training
  • Restructured navigation based on user behavior data
  • Flexible modular templates
  • Microsite development
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