Project Overview

BankFive’s team came to Wakefly in the spring of 2021 looking to upgrade their main BankFive website. They were searching for a modern-looking, customizable website with top-of-the-line site security. Additionally, the team wanted a straightforward user interface not only for website users, but also for staff members actively managing the site content. Since the team was already familiar with Kentico, Wakefly determined the best approach would be to upgrade the site with Kentico 13 Xperience. 

BankFive had several goals for their redesigned website, including providing a clean, professional design that supports the BankFive brand that clearly explains its offerings and value propositions to future and potential customers with a straightforward navigational flow, as well as encouraging contact with direct calls to action. Finally, it was crucial that the site have an intuitive and flexible content management system (CMS) to ensure content was easily maintained.

The BankFive site design captured the elements of the BankFive brand in a clean, modern way. As opposed to the black and white imagery on the previous website, Wakefly used colorful imagery that displays its community-based banking approach. Many images on the site were of real BankFive customers, locations, and employees.

Content & UX
All pages on the BankFive website were created with responsive widgets that could be used anywhere desired on the site to display a wide variety of content. In addition to standard items like maps and breadcrumbs, specific widgets were created for unique elements, such as displaying TrustPilot reviews and a custom image grid homepage header. Wakefly worked to ensure that promotional banners and calls to action were present and easy to recognize across the site, but integrated smoothly enough that they didn’t distract from the overall user experience. 

Key Features

  • Adjustable page templates with widget-based elements
  • Site search with specific FAQ search incorporation
  • Macro-based rates for simplified updating
  • Custom integrations for 
    • Pardot form connection
    • Conversion Ruler
    • TrustPilot
  • Custom “Leaving Site” notices for external links and mailto links
  • Two-tier navigation with separate designations for Business and Personal banking
Bank Five Home Page
Bank Five Sub Page