Project Overview

Atlas Van Lines was looking to redesign their Terminal website, as the site was outdated and they wanted to add ecommerce. Atlas Terminal is a subsidiary of Atlas Van Lines and is a hub for buying moving supplies, Tractors/Trucks and trailers; they also offer many other services from maintenance, repair and roadside assistance to their drivers. The main goal of the redesign was to bring the design inline with Atlas’s other properties but still be unique. Wakefly created the design, keeping it simple yet functional with a modern look, while ensuring it was inline with Atlas’s brand guidelines. Besides the redesign and restructuring of content, Atlas Terminal wanted to add ecommerce to the site for selling moving & packing supplies and equipment, such as boxes, blankets, straps, dollies, etc. We leveraged Kentico’s built in ecommerce capabilities and added an integration with Atlas’s accounting systems pushing daily order batches. Products were initially imported and new products will be manually entered.

Other features of the site include listing used tractor/trailers and trucks, with the ability for users to download data sheets and to request more information.

The final site is more streamlined and easier for the Atlas Terminal team to update and add new content, and products. When the site initially launched it was without the ecommerce features being enabled so that the team could prepare their processes and staff to fulfill online orders.

Key Features

• Fresh and responsive design
• Reorganizing and refreshing of content
• Easy to edit experience
• Product Inventory for quote (tractor/trailers and trucks)
• Ecommerce for moving supplies and equipment

Atlas Terminal Home Page Screenshot
Atlas Terminal Interior Page Screenshot