Project Overview

The project began with a detailed on-boarding phase where Wakefly gathered essential assets, content, and functional requirements from APB Speakers. This phase was critical for defining the website's navigation, functionality, and overall structure. Wireframes were created to outline the basic layout and user interface elements, ensuring a clear plan for the site's development.

In the design phase, Wakefly leveraged the Umbraco platform to develop several unique homepage concepts that adhered to APB Speakers' branding guidelines. These designs were refined iteratively based on client feedback, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing design direction. The finalized templates were then utilized to create additional page layouts across the website, ensuring consistency and aesthetic alignment throughout.

The development team at Wakefly translated these approved designs into functional templates within the Umbraco CMS, customizing the platform to integrate specific features and functionalities required by APB Speakers. This included advanced search capabilities, seamless navigation, and interactive elements. A thorough quality assurance process ensured all features functioned correctly and met design specifications, including cross-browser and device compatibility testing. Wakefly also trained APB Speakers' staff to manage and update website content independently.

The new website, featuring improved performance, enhanced user experience, and a robust content management system, was successfully launched. Post-launch, Wakefly continued to provide support and maintenance to ensure the website remained up-to-date and secure. By leveraging the Umbraco platform, Wakefly delivered a customized, scalable, and user-friendly website that met APB Speakers' specific needs, helping them achieve their digital marketing goals and improve their online presence.

Key Features

  • Umbraco CMS
  • New website design
  • Umbraco's user-friendly content management
  • PPC Audit
  • Conversion tracking setup
APB Speakers Home Page
APB Speakers Sub Page

Big Wins

The feedback from APB Speakers has been incredibly positive, including the following points and statistics:

Conversion Increase
Click Through Rate Improvement
Average CPCDecrease
Cost Per Conversion Decrease