Project Overview

Amboy Bank was looking to redesign and rebuild their website, as their site was outdated, difficult to manage and update, and was not responsive or accessible. Amboy partnered with Wakefly to redesign the website, giving it a modern, clean feel that was more inline with the Amboy brand. Amboy also wanted to create and display "need" specific content on the website, targeting their different audiences with pertinent information and tools to help guide them through specific needs, such as "buying a home" or "saving for retirement". In addition to presenting the Amboy products/solutions for these needs, Amboy wanted to provide a "hub" of content beyond just products to help users in these specific need states. 

Amboy also wanted more and easier control over their website. Their current build was on old technology and was difficult to manage for a Marketing resource. Simple content changes often-times required a developer, thus Amboy looked to Wakefly to provide an easy editing experience so their website content could be easily updated.

Key Features

  • Need-based navigation and content
  • Responsive design
  • Clean, professional design
  • Widget-based editing experience for content editors
Amboy Bank Home Page
Amboy Bank Interior Page