Project Overview

Alliance Laundry Systems partnered with both Wakefly and an existing design agency to redesign their corporate website in Kentico 11. The site launched in early 2018 and profiles the company as a whole and all of their individual brands and the sectors that they serve. Kentico was chosen as the content management system to allow for flexibility of page designs for future site growth. Elements can easily be added or removed from pages based on the content required for the new page. Dynamic banner image variants were programmed to provide a better responsive experience. Due to their global presence, localization was also implemented so that content could be translated for eleven different languages.

Key Features

  • Uses Kentico’s content staging feature to easily deploy content between development, staging/QA, and production environments
  • Custom webparts, widgets, and widget containers allow flexibility in page layouts
  • Built as a multilingual website, making use of localized strings on page templates
  • Responsive images, based on Kentico’s image variant functionality
Alliance Laundry Systems - homepage
Alliance Laundry Systems - interior page