Visibility into key site metrics with actionable recommendations

Wakefly leverages Siteimprove for accessibility audits and to comb through issues that may arise on websites. We often recommend Siteimprove so we can proactively manage the process of running scans, prioritizing fixes and assisting with remediation efforts.

We also utilize Siteimprove to scan your site and report on issues such as broken links, spelling mistakes, duplicate content and accessibility violations. With Siteimprove, you receive a score for your website as well as detailed information about where the critical issues are occurring and how to fix them. We also use the platform for quality assurance testing as part of our standard website redesign process.

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Accessibility Audits

Wakefly recommends taking a proactive approach towards accessibility and resolving any issues on your website before you are at risk of facing a lawsuit. We can perform an audit of your site via a series of automated and manual tests and create a custom remediation plan. We can also assist with the implementation of these recommended changes.

Ongoing Monitoring

Due to the dynamic nature of the modern web where frequent content changes are the norm, it’s imperative that you regularly monitor your site to make sure new issues have not arisen. To make this process easier, we recommend using Siteimprove to keep on top of potential content, SEO, performance and accessibility issues. Our team can help you implement fixes and updates whenever they pop up.