Grow Your Lead Generation Efforts with Pardot

Wakefly and Pardot have teamed together to provide innovative marketing solutions to B2B marketers looking to drive more sales and leads from their website. With Wakefly’s experience in web redesign, custom web development and B2B marketing services, Pardot is a logical implementation partner. Pardot has excellent capabilities in the areas of lead nurturing, CRM integration, landing page deployment and ROI reporting, making it the perfect complement to your B2B sales and marketing efforts.

The idea of “closing the loop” and making marketing ROI trackable down to the individual web visitor level has become more critical in recent years as technology has made it both affordable and advantageous. Wakefly and Pardot can close the loop with your CRM to CMS to marketing automation solution integrations. Wakefly can also consult on the full lifecycle of selecting, deploying and growing with Pardot.

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