Posted on 9/10/2015 in Digital Marketing

By Jeannine Szymczak

Are you looking to promote your medical device company in new or different way that will help you reach your direct-to-patient or direct-to-doctor audience?

There are various ad networks whose technology is currently used by a number of large pharmaceutical brands to target various niche consumer segments with the ultimate goal of direct to patient advertising. The reason that pharma advertisers prefer online display advertising over other forms of advertising is that it is a very quick and economical way of being able to identify the target audience based on understanding the situation that a user is in.  That may be indicative of someone researching/searching for information on a drug or disease in real time, not using dated data collection methods.  Users are self-defining themselves, and being able to track what they are doing in real-time ensures that we are reaching the right audience at the right time.

But what about non-direct to patient campaigns?  Online display advertising is still the most scalable way to reach interested and active high value business audiences.

display campaign graphic

We can utilize networks that harness the power of audience data to target as well as tap into a company’s CRM to retarget leads.  You would want to leverage a CRM re-targeting strategy to reactivate unresponsive leads or to re-engage those that have opted out of your email marketing by serving relevant content to any device once they’re online. Through this you will raise brand awareness among audiences showing that they are interested in the solutions that you provide, deepen engagement, and upsell and cross sell customers.

And while it may not seem like it, mobile targeting is a real up and coming strategy among the healthcare segment.  Vendors such as Millennial Media can target as granularly as hospitals in a geographic region to reach a mass audience of healthcare providers:

healthcare display graphic

This is a great way to efficiently target the right people at the right location at the right time!  If you have a niche target such as medical device companies or healthcare providers in certain location, online display advertising is the perfect solution to reach those people.

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