Posted on 6/4/2019 in Digital Marketing

By Ryan MacQuarrie

Every small business wants to get ranked at the top of Google local SEO. Yext is a service provider that has partnerships with 79 different local and national directories. They make it easy for you to get listed on all of these directories at once. What are the benefits of using Yext?

Save Time and Improve Accuracy

If you’ve ever gone through the process of trying to improve your local listings one directory at a time you know what a daunting process it can be. Entering your info, waiting for approval, trying to claim and consolidate listings that already exist for your business, all of these tasks add up. You could find yourself spending hours of your time on this process and that’s for just one directory. If you have to do it for multiple franchise locations it gets even more difficult. With Yext simply fill out your business’s profile once and let the machines do the rest! Yext is perfect for franchise businesses.

Yext also helps with listing accuracy. Have you ever seen a listing for your business on a directory with your old phone number? Or have you ever seen 3 different listings with 3 different numbers? Without Yext it’s a lot of manual work to get those corrected. With Yext simply update your profile with the proper info and push it out to the large network of directories. They even have a duplicate suppression add on, where they scan the directories for potential duplicates and will allow you to suppress the incorrect versions of your citation.

Improve Your Rankings

Not only does Yext save you a fortune in man hours, it also can truly help you improve your local SEO rankings. Citations are one of the primary Local SEO ranking factors and consistency is importing. The more places that your business name, address and phone number is mentioned accurately, the better your Local SEO rankings will be.

Manage Your Reviews

online reviews

You can also perform review management in Yext. Monitor, manage and improve your online reputation for multiple locations all in one spot. Your customers are your most important source of feedback. Most customer’s purchasing decisions are influenced by the reviews that they read from your existing customers. Make their decisions easier by having good properly managed reviews in place. Yext can be utilized to generate first party reviews directly from your customers in order to stand out in the search engines. It can also be used to monitor and address customer concerns quickly in order to maintain your brand’s good online reputation

Is Yext Worth It?

Odds are that if you are running a business you have very little time to manage and monitor local listings in all of the different directories out there. Make better use of your time and still improve your local SEO rankings by utilizing this great tool.

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