Posted on 3/17/2015 in Digital Marketing

By Dean Dorazio

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Twitter is no longer a nice little social media platform lurking in the shadows behind Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram. As of September 2014, only 23% of online adults are active on Twitter. However, a few recent developments will make that Twitter bird soar to new heights.

140 characters….that’s all you had to work with in the past to get your message across.

Twitter Now Has Video

Now with the recent introduction of animated GIF’s and a native video player, Twitter has become a legitimate threat to Facebook as a content sharing platform. Twitter’s new native video player will allow users to create their own previews, something Facebook does not support. For marketers, being able to pick your own 6 second preview will allow for more artistic freedom in trying to entice their audience to engage. Plus with the neck breaking speed that Tweets travel, it will help expose your content to more people even faster than Facebook.

So how else could Twitter raise the ante for social media marketing supremacy?

Get the largest search engine on the planet to back you.

Google & Twitter Are Buddies

This is the equivalent of instant SEO by just adding water. Keyword research and link building are still components of SEO, but this expedites the process and increases the influence of social media on search.

As a marketer/business owner, you need to be strategic and efficient when packaging up your content for Twitter. Make sure those 140 characters take a hold of your audience and don’t let them go. Use hashtags and Engage! Engage! Engage!

Remember social media is not just a vehicle for promotion but for customer service as well. You can reap the benefits of customer success stories but be ready for damage control as well. Not everyone sees every tweet, but millions rely on Google.

Twitter now has all the tools and search engine backing to make marketers extremely dangerous….

Just be smart about it.

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