Posted on 6/17/2015 in Digital Marketing

By Jeannine Szymczak

Aside from the powerhouse ‘usuals’ of social media promotion (Facebook and Twitter) have you considered, or been considering, monetizing your company’s Pinterest account?  If so, now is the time to jump in! Pinterest is making some big changes surrounding promoted pins, making them more useful and more actionable.  While you can already boost up your own e-commerce pins within search results and category feeds, according to Business Insider “users will soon be able to instantly add all the items from a cooking recipe straight to a shopping cart, or add a gadget straight to their Amazon Wish List.”

Pinterest has a large effect on what consumers do after they’ve viewed a pin.  In more relatable terms, this is just like attributing a view-through conversion within traditional display advertising.  Business Insider also goes on to point out just how large the reach of Pinterest’s “view-through” sales really are (according to data from a Pinterest-commissioned Millward Brown survey):

Pinterest Advertising Bar Graph

Pinterest also continues to grow by leaps and bounds over every other platform in terms of user base so you want to make sure that you are capitalizing on a potentially new set of consumers:

pinterest bar graph two

As of right now, Buyable Pins are still in beta and only available to few business accounts in the United States.  However, that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to being crafting a strategy!  You will want to be ready to go when Pinterest says go.

Looking for the best place to start? Start with a Promoted Pin.

So what exactly is a Promoted Pin anyway?

Simply put, this is a paid ad on Pinterest.  Much like Facebook ads, these are run on a CPC basis where you have control over daily budget and duration, as well as the fact that you only pay when someone clicks through the pin to your website.

As with any paid ad, promoted pins help companies promote a certain content when you have a promotion, event or special item that you want to draw attention to.  Unlike traditional ads, you cannot use calls to action, pricing information, or actual promotional information within the promoted pin.

pinterest meme

Make sure you start thinking about your strategy and potential pins that you’d want to promote!  Also consider the budget you’re able to allocate.

For help getting started with promoted pins, contact Wakefly to see how we can help you manage your new campaign!

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