Posted on 2/2/2016 in Digital Marketing

By Dean Dorazio

The days of organic reach on Facebook are long gone and hard to find. Today, you can only reach 1-2% of your community organically now if you’re (very) lucky. So just like any promotional medium you have to pay for exposure (reach).

Reaching Your Ideal Customer Through Highly Targeted Boosted Posts

However, before you promote that kick ass content or push some new products, your community must be viable and targeted. You need to have the “right” people engaging with your brand, so a “like” campaign is a great first step to build a targeted community.

Facebook’s targeting allows you to get laser focused on exactly the audience your business needs. You have the ability to target people based on age, location, gender, etc, but the opportunity to target based on user interests is the true X-factor.

You can get super granular with interests based on shopping and family/relationships, the drill downs are endless.

Targeting Screenshot

For a client in the plush toys and collectible space, we were able to acquire 2,880 new qualified fans for as little as $.40/like over the course of 26 days.

This client is based oversees, and has a huge international fab base. Their Facebook Page was previously perceived as the international fan page rather than a US brand page, which posed a huge challenge, since you can’t purchase products from our clients site from oversees. We were seeing a lot of engagement from brand lovers who could never purchase from us. The second side of that issue is that we weren’t seeing a lot of engagement from potential US customers. This brand had practically no brand recognition to US customers.

To fix these issues, we pinned a blog post that showcased the high quality and superb workmanship that goes into each toy and collectible, that way when a new visitor visited the page, they were greeted with a brand overview. We also boosted this post on facebook, targeting US customers only along with several other factors.

So now a more qualified and educated foundation has been set to market to people who are actually interested in their products! Who would have thunk it?!

Use Video to Capture Your Audience

The next step is to promote your products/services to the community that you have built through trust with value add content (blog posts and third party aggregation). Remember your Facebook community is not a place to boast how great you think you are, it’s a breeding ground to create passion fans/influencers. It’s all about peer to peer recommendations and social word of mouth.

For a client in the self-publishing space, we ran a campaign promoting book kits for children during the holiday shopping season. We included fun/informative videos that described what each kit consists of and how your child can tap his/her creative side.

The ads were so successful that the client extended the program. These stats show the true ROI of their investment”

ROI stats for Facebook investment ROI 2

The great thing about video advertising on Facebook is that they provide with very informative drill down stats:

Video drilldown stats 1 Video drilldown stats 2

This information is invaluable when determining what needs to be tweaked with a video. If people are dropping off too quickly, the product/content/message Is probably not resonating with viewer. If the visitor watches the video in its entirety, they would be more enticed to purchase your product/service.

So in summation,   But it is more than just throwing money at something and hoping it sticks. It takes strategy, great effort and of course a budget to build a community, nurture it and create content that builds trust.

If you fail at any of these aspects, your efforts will fall on deaf, uncaring ears and you become more white noise in an already cluttered social media universe.

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