Posted on 10/7/2015 in Digital Marketing

By Dean Dorazio

At Wakefly, we work with many types of businesses, each of which can benefit from a different type of search. One of the most common types of search we utilize for our franchise clients or local business clients is local search, which can be complex without the correct tools and insights.

With local search, you want to make sure all of your tracks are covered and that you are visible wherever your potential customers are searching . Whether your business is a service area or brick and mortar, there are many different elements that can factor into the success of local search.

Optimize Website Pages with Location Specific Keywords

One of the easiest ways to rank locally is to optimize your pages with “local keywords”. Conductor Searchlight has been a great tool for us because it has a lot of local capabilities. The local/mobile function allows you to gain insights into how keywords perform as it relates to a specific geographic markets paired up with the type of device (smartphone, tablet or desktop). These insights give us the data to help us prioritize areas of improvement and maximize visibility on search engine results for our clients.

Local Search Example

For instance, a geo-modified key phrase of “Tree Removal in Boston” is different from keyword “Tree Removal” within a geo-targeted area of greater Boston. Chances are the number of searches and website rank will be different. Heck, the URL might be different. Maybe it’s the homepage that users are finding as opposed to a Boston local landing page.

Rank in a Google Snack Pack

In addition to organic search, Conductor gives insight into local pack results (now know as “snack pack”). Local Pack results often times are displayed higher up on a page than organic results do, so this is certainly a factor as well for any keyword that search engines deem to have an intent for local search.


One way to increase your chances of appearing in a local snack pack is to ensure that your google my business page is fully optimized with your correct address, phone number, website, short description, images, and reviews.

Local search is dynamic in nature. As a local business online, it is important to see how your website ranks for keywords in relation to geography and mobile device. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your website is showing up in all the right places.

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