Posted on 6/25/2019 in Web Development

By Matt Wiseley

Have you heard? The much anticipated Kentico 12 Service Pack is going to be released soon. This latest release is a mix of marketing-focused enhancements and developer tools that improve the building and use of MVC-based Kentico sites. For some background on Kentico’s move to MVC, see Kentico 12’s MVC Update: What Does It Mean?

Below are some of the highlights and a few details about the upcoming release.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a critical part of ensuring your pages are performing optimally. In the initial 12 release, editors could personalize content in the Page Builder interface, but A/B testing was not configurable there. With this service pack, you will be able to A/B test page widgets directly in the Page Builder’s intuitive interface, gather the results, select a statistically significant winning variant, and publish that variant live without requiring a developer. You’ll also be able to run multiple A/B tests across the website at once.

MVC Page Templates

In the initial 12 release, the Page Builder required editors to start with an empty slate when building a new page. The latest service pack adds page templates, enabling editors to easily reuse Page Builder widget configurations and content when creating new pages.

MVC Selectors

The initial 12 release included a few very simple Page Builder widgets, requiring developers to mostly create their own when building a site. The service pack adds a range of standard widgets that should help to lower development timelines and costs for Kentico 12 MVC projects.

Smart Forms for MVC

Keeping forms short and concise is the best way to increase the number of conversions. The service pack adds Smart Forms, which can perform progressive profiling. Smart Forms enable you to collect large amounts of data without scaring visitors away with a huge form. This is done by collecting information incrementally in smaller chunks as visitors follow each step of your sales funnel.

Wakefly is proud to call ourselves a Kentico Gold Partner, Kentico's highest level of partner certification. If you would like to learn more and leverage the new features of the Kentico 12 service pack, please reach out so that we can start a meaningful conversation.

Wakefly can help you leverage the new features of Kentico 12 Service Pack.

Get in touch with our team of Kentico Gold Partner experts.

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