Posted on 4/10/2019 in Digital Marketing

By Ryan MacQuarrie

The digital video advertising market is growing rapidly. US ad spend on videos has increased by about 40% over the last 2 years and it now accounts for about 30% of all ad spend on the display network. The main objective of digital video campaigns is to drive brand awareness and increase overall traffic. Are you looking to dip your toe in the water of video advertising? One of the quickest ways to start capitalizing on this expanding marketing is through Google Ads. Let’s walk through the basics on how to get started.

Create Your Video

The very first step in video advertising is creating the video itself. In Google Ads there are a variety of video ad formats available. No matter which format you choose the best performing video ads are always the ones that provide actual value to the viewer. You should consider the following things when creating a video ad.

  1. The shorter the better – I think we’ve all heard by now the average human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. As a result shorter videos tend to perform better. Your videos should be no longer than 60-90 seconds.
  2. Focus your video on a specific audience – Make sure your video is designed to provide value to viewers that you are actually targeting.
  3. Have a clear call to action – Have clear and concise CTA’s throughout your video.
  4. Used closed captioning – Many users are watching videos without sound these days. Help them out with text right on the screen.

Select Your Audience

There are several different audience targeting options available in Google Ads. Finding the right mix could involve some trial and error. You can target by the following methods. Be sure to layer options on top of each other to get that perfect target.

  1. Demographics – If you already know the audience for your video is females 25-34 then go ahead and make sure to select them here.
  2. Audiences – There are 3 types of audiences available. You can choose from affinity, remarketing and intent and life event options. Google knows a lot about their users. Capitalize on their data and find audiences that make sense for your business.
  3. Keywords – Just like with search campaigns you can target by keyword.
  4. Topics – YouTube channels are grouped here by certain topics.
  5. Placements – If you are confident that your audience is watching a certain topic then you can target that channel via placement.

Set Your Budget

Once you have your collateral and have chosen your audience setup the campaign with a budget that you are comfortable spending. With these video campaigns you can set a monthly cap and never exceed that amount during a given month.

Those are the three basic items needed to get started with video advertising on Google. If you need help getting your video ads off the ground or any other website or digital marketing advice contact us today.

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