Posted on 8/5/2015 in Digital Marketing

By Dean Dorazio

There are currently millions of videos online with that number growing by the minute. The internet is an ever expanding universe of content, with each video vying for the attention of users. With an ocean of video content out there to wade through, learn to set your videos apart by their professional look to ensure they are not lost in the sea of the online world.


Many people heavily rely on what is known as “the rule of thirds” which refers to the practice of dividing the frame into 9 equal parts and placing key elements in the frame at intersection points of the grid.  Placing elements of the composition at these points creates tension and engages the viewer to capture their attention. Check out this video for more information on the rule of thirds.

Also, when working with talent, make sure to frame them so there is what is referred to as “head room” which is, as you’ve guessed, space in the composition between the top of their head and the top of the frame. Nothing says amateur video like seeing someone on camera with the top of their head cut off.

Shot Variation

Let’s face it, nobody wants to watch your video the whole way through your video of one person, in one shot, speaking about your product or service. #Boorriinggg #amateurhour. Cut between close up and medium shots, cut away to something else, or just change your shots in various ways.  Changing camera angles helps ensure viewer engagement and retention.

Lens Choice

An often overlooked factor for making your video content look professional is your choice of lens/ lenses.  High quality lenses will make your images sharper and more clear.  They will also make colors more vibrant in some instances when color is an integral part of the piece.  If you are going to invest in equipment, a high quality lens is sometimes more important than the camera itself and should be at the top of your list.


Along with lenses, lights are a must have for any production.  Nothing says amateur hour like drab office lighting producing unflattering shadows.  Lights can be used to liven up a scene by highlighting key areas of the composition and making your talent look their best.  Lighting a scene is one of those elements which, if done correctly, is hard to notice and creates a professional looking piece of content, while the absence of proper lighting in your video is always noticeable.

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