Posted on 12/27/2018 in Web Development

By Sonny Choun

Creating a solid landing page for your website can be very cumbersome, you want to ensure your audience does not experience any issues when they land on your page. You want to use the right elements and concepts to help instill confidence in a visitor to complete an action or conversion. Here are 5 tips you can use to create a good landing page-

Keep it Clean

An effective landing page should have an impactful look and feel. The main goal of any landing page is to make it easy for visitors to convert on the page. So it’s imperative that all of your elements are aimed towards that goal. Use the right colors and eye-grabbing images, colors such as red or green tend to be the most effective for increasing landing page conversions. Keep the design clean. Test the use of color, placement, and sizing of elements.

Mobile Friendliness

Optimizing your landing pages for mobile devices will help boost conversions on your website. According to statcounter, Mobile and Tablet Usage is up to ~48% this year. Your landing page should be easy to navigate for users that are on mobile devices. Page speed is also important, so you want to make sure users are able to quickly load elements and easily press on clickable items.

Short Forms

Have you heard of form fatigue? It happens to a lot of us, it’s when you’re filling out a form and you are bombarded with so many fields, you just give up and abandon the form. When a user visits your site, you want to collect as much data from them in little time. It is very important to make users fill out as few form fields as possible. The more form fields you add the more fatigue a user is likely to experience. Focus on only the essentials of what information you need from a visitor. If needed, ask for more information on the thank you page.

Easy navigation

Keep your navigation as simple as possible. The most important content should be placed above the fold so that users can view it immediately after they load up your website. Adjust and declutter anything that may distract the user from the goal of your landing page (images, links, information, etc.). Ensure your content is comprehensible to the reader, use legible text, negative space, and simple images.

Add Trust Elements

Most good quality landing pages utilizes trust elements, which can provide validity and instill confidence for your visitor. There are numerous forms of trust elements you can implement on your landing page- user reviews, quotes from customers or team members, like counters, badges, awards, and buttons. Adding trust elements establishes credibility, which can fuel your visitor to take action on your landing page.

We hope that you take these 5 tips and apply them into your landing page and content strategy. Be sure to test and track your landing page efforts to maximize results!

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