Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Free Traffic is Key to Online Success

Traffic to your site is a top key performance indicator and a powerful force when evaluating the marketing and branding of your organization. Having visibility in the top two organic search results has been proven to increase traffic to you website and enhance the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, but those coveted spots are extremely difficult to obtain.  Let our digital marketing firm formulate a digital marketing and SEM strategy that covers every aspect necessary to increase your organic rankings:

  • Site Structure & On-Page Optimization –  We ensure that your website is technically sound. The majority of websites that we see everyday are still lacking in basic technical presentation. We also ensure proper optimization on an ongoing basis.
  • Continual Keyword Research and Optimization – Digital strategies must evolve and expand. Nowhere is this more true than with your keyword strategy.
  • Content Creation – Content is, and always has been, king. Our workflow ensures content creation achieves pride of place.
  • Social Media Engagement – We ensure your social efforts support your keyword and link strategies to drive qualified visitors and leads to your site.
  • Link Building – Google needs links to see that your site is credible and should be highly ranked. Our experts are able to identify the good, bad and ugly of link building.

Safe Systems

Case Study: Learn how Wakefly helped Safe Systems increase their organic traffic and discover what their competitors were doing.


Case Study: Wakefly steps in to help with a new website design and updated SEO strategy for LiteFighter Systems, as part of an effort to improve keyword visibility and increase user time on the site.


SEO Assessment, Audits & Competitor Analysis Both Free & Paid

How Well-Optimized Is Your Website? No matter what your goals are, having a solid foundation is critical. Let Wakefly’s SEO experts analyze your website and provide a free, customized report.

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Stay Ahead of Your Competition. Knowing what you’re up against allows for a successful SEO and SEM strategy. Wakefly’s competitor analysis provides an extremely detailed recommendation and implementation schedule.

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SEO for B2B – Build Your Brand Authority

Whether the goal of your B2B website is to increase form fills, whitepaper downloads, newsletter sign-ups, informational video views, or build the brand through organic visibility, Wakefly understands how to drive the appropriate audience to your site and increase conversions through on and off page optimization.

On-Page Optimization
  • Decrease Page Load Time
  • Analyze Drop Off Points
  • Optimize Call to Actions
  • Review Device Compatibility
  • Improve User’s Experience
  • Utilize A/B Testing to a Confidence Rating of 95%
  • Correct Keyword Universe
Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Suggestions (Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Back-link Strategy (relevant, high ranking websites back-linking to drive qualified traffic)

SEO for eCommerce – Increase Your Online Sales

First impressions are critical for an eCommerce site where the sales cycle may last just a few clicks. Wakefly’s proven approach is focused on optimizing your user’s experience to maximize conversions.

Conversion Rate of Shopping Cart

Wakefly identifies any factors that disrupt the sales cycle, from cart abandonment to exit pages, and utilizes A/B testing to determine the appropriate actions for conversion point optimization.

Keyword Universe

Wakefly examines your site’s title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, internal links, keywords in page content, URL structure, and much more to make recommendations aimed at driving users to the exact page that they are looking for and signaling a positive search result to search engines.

Off-Page Optimization

Wakefly ensures that the appropriate social media outlets for your business are being utilized and grown and that relevant external sites are connected to yours for stronger referral visits.

Technical Assessment & Optimization

Wakefly will run a complete technical SEO audit and assessment to ensure your website is up-and-running with no technical flaws such as URL variations, improper redirects, broken links and 404 error pages, and XML sitemap and robots.txt errors.

Local SEO – Get Listed. Get Found. Get Results.

Between Google’s search algorithm Hummingbird resulting in more local organic results for unbranded keywords and over half of mobile users searching with local intent, there are tremendous opportunities to capture local traffic. Wakefly’s SEO Specialists can help you make the most of these opportunities and tools offered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! so your business can gain more organic visibility.


SEO Proven Process

Wakefly’s SEO experts have optimized hundreds of websites, our process for creating successful SEO programs is battle tested and has continued to evolve. Our experts will work transparently to meet your ever shifting demands as your marketing strategy evolves in real time.

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Meet the Wakefly SEO Team

The Wakefly SEO marketing firm is a collection of digital marketing professionals who put a focus on ROI and tangible results. Our depth of experience in social media, content marketing, and technical analysis gives your company a powerful advantage in competitive markets. We constantly apply innovative cross-channel collaboration to maximize the success we deliver to our clients. Some call our passion for our work amazing, but we do enjoy when our locals refer to it as “Wicked Smaht.”