Make sure your website is up to speed

Learn exactly what is affecting your website's performance

Give your visitors the best experience possible

Wakefly’s site performance audit looks at both browser and server performance to provide a full picture of a site’s performance and speed. The result is a comprehensive report detailing the results for your site and actionable recommendations for improvement. In today’s search climate, a website’s performance goes a long way in determining its rankings. If your site is slow to respond to user interactions, it creates a bad user experience and that can cause your site to be demoted.

Wakefly’s Website Performance Audit Process:

  • Identify your goals, concerns, current issues, and evaluate source code
  • Collect Google Analytics data to identify slow pages and traffic trends
  • Run performance testing tools like YSlow and Pagespeed Insights to identify front-end performance issues
  • Load test your website for typical and peak loads and identify bottlenecks
  • Consolidate and deliver our findings and recommendations

Our experienced web development team will uncover the root cause of your site’s performance issues, provide a clear path on how to resolve them and can even handle the implementation of the fixes. A slow website means missed opportunities. Don’t settle for slow.