Digital Experience

We Focus on Our Clients’ Clients.

An intuitive, painless user experience is what makes a website great. We take the time to analyze your buyers’ motivations, challenges, and influential triggers/online behavior in order to paint a complete picture of how your customers search, navigate, and convert at every stage.
Through customer research, competitive analysis, and input from the internal stakeholders, Wakefly will compile the qualitative data and analysis required to develop a set of core personas/provisional personas and a customer journey(s) that dictates user experience and content flow on the new website.

User Interface Design and Conversion Optimization

After our initial research, we combine our knowledge of your target audience with best practice design and usability concepts to create wire frames and user flows. This process allows us to map out your content and create a hierarchy that will make the site easy to use and drive conversions. We may even employ personalization tactics to target multiple personas on the same page with specialized content. Since more than 50% of all web traffic is now coming from smart phones, all of our designs are optimized with mobile in mind.

Continuous Optimization

Even with all of the research and best practices that go into building a site, the best data is the real-life user data you collect from your live site. By starting with a solid tracking strategy, you will be able to collect data from every possible interaction. This extensive look into user behavior will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers in order to better communicate with them. We can also use A/B testing to find out definitively what is going to resonate with your audience and present that experience to them. Giving your users a beautiful easy to use website will keep them coming back for more!

Persona Development Process

We start by gathering information from key stakeholders as well as key customer facing employees to establish provisional personas that are used as baselines for customer research. Then these personas are further fleshed out through a variety of methods including: customer interviews, focus groups, surveys, or actual user data from software tools that monitor the way your users currently engage with your website. The end result is detailed information that represents the buying criteria & triggers, sales cycles, pain points, and behaviors of each unique persona identified.

Buyer’s Journey Paths

The Buyer’s Journey map details the path of the buyer, from the buyer’s investigation of pain points and purchase trigger through the decision making and purchase process. We identify the process that each persona type goes through as they:

  1. First discover or become aware of a product or service
  2. Begin to search or compare it against other available options
  3. Evaluate the options
  4. Purchase the product or service
  5. Remain loyal to the brand and advocate on its behalf

Additionally, we map out and identify the participation level of each persona as each stage of the Buyer’s Journey to understand if the persona represents a Driver, Participant, Gate Keeper, or are not involved at all at a given stage.

This extensive discovery phase allows you to target your site’s content very specifically to its most important visitors.

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