Website Audits

How do you Stack Up?

Periodic audits of your website are recommended to make sure that all those best practices you followed for launch haven’t fallen by the wayside over time. Whether you just haven’t reviewed your site in a while or if you are in a new role where you are now responsible for a website you weren’t involved in building, Wakefly can help you make sure everything is in tip top shape. Our experienced team can get to the root of performance issues, optimize your content, make sure your website is compliant with regulatory laws, or even just clean up your code.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit should be performed periodically on your website to avoid performance issues or keep up with the latest search engine algorithm updates. We’ll take a look at the structure of your pages, on and off-page elements that can be optimized, mobile-friendliness and usability and conversion. We’ll leverage tools that allow us to easily scan your site for things like:

  • Broken links
  • Duplicate text
  • Site errors
  • Performance issues
  • Missing Meta data

We will also evaluate your analytics results and be able to make strategic content recommendations that will keep you relevant to search engines and give your users a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Accessibility Audits

Web accessibility is a hot topic these days, and more importantly, it’s becoming a legal requirement for many industries. Even if it’s not a regulatory requirement, you are preventing a lot of users from accessing your site if you aren’t thinking about it. Web accessibility provides a means to allow those with disabilities to effectively use the web. Websites or web software programs that neglect to consider this introduce accessibility barriers. These barriers make it difficult or impossible for those with disabilities to use web. Generally speaking, you should expect that 10-20% of your website traffic comes from users with some sort of disability. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG) and 508 Compliance to make sure your site meets the ADA standards.

Code Audits

Code audits are recommended whenever a site is inherited to gain an understanding of the site architecture, clarity of the source code and understand any integrations or back end functionality that might not be apparent to someone just clicking around the pages of the site. Not only do code audits help you to get a “lay of the land” in terms of how your site is built, but it can also help uncover issues. We approach our code audits with a focus on:

  • Site performance
  • Usability
  • Technical SEO best practices

We’ll provide you with a report of recommendations, categorized and prioritized to help you make informed decisions on what is most important to update for maximum impact.

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