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Obtain an SEO Audit to gain an understanding of the underlying problems that are negatively effecting your search engine rankings. If you don’t actively monitor your SEO on an ongoing basis, an audit is the only way to identify what changes are needed.

Most businesses don’t even realize when Google updates their algorithm and that their site is suddenly not generating the interest that it used to. Don’t let months go by before taking action. Wakefly’s SEO Audit has been developed, optimized, and continuously refined over the years to stay relevant and adapt to Google’s updates. Our Audit will analyze your:

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Competitive Rankings
  • Page Structure
  • On-page SEO
  • and much more…


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All findings are consolidated into a report that ranks issues by priority as well as recommended changes. A follow up meeting will be scheduled to review the report and answer any questions. This report can also be used as a benchmark to measure future success.

Search Engine Optimization Site Audit Report
On-Page Recommendations