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Talalay Global produces Talalay Latex – premium bedding made from natural, biodegradable materials

  • CMS Implementation
  • Web Redesign

Talalay Global is the world’s leading manufacturer and purveyor of the finest, purest, high-quality Talalay. Its product has many applications, including inside high end luxury mattresses.

Talalay Global came to Wakefly looking to build a site that would be geared toward manufacturers of products that could incorporate talalay into their end product. Talalay wants to broaden the use of its talalay by attracting manufacturers of all sorts of products – from mattresses to seats for luxury cars.

The main goals for the new site were to: create a design that would excite manufacturers about the possibilities of using Talalay in their own products, entice new manufacturers looking for raw material solutions, and educate them so they understand the benefits of using Talalay in their products. They also needed a content management system that would allow non-technical users to edit content easily without the need for a developer.

Wakefly designed a site that highlighted the natural, environmentally friendly benefits of Talalay, and emphasized it’s premium quality. The site was built in WordPress to accommodate the need for easy content updates. Since this site is primarily an educational content site, it didn’t require a more robust CMS. This allowed us to maximize their budget and get the site up quickly.