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  • CMS Implementation
  • eCommerce
  • Web Redesign

Professional custom made pins for any occasion

PinProsPlus is a supplier of custom pins, coins, buckles, buttons, finisher medals, key chains, banners and other metal products. PinProsPlus partnered with Wakefly to redesign their site in order to update the look, user experience, and content management experience. Being able to fully control the components on the page and having specific control over meta information was extremely important to the success of this project. As a fully online business, PinProsPlus needed the flexibility to present their products in the best way possible.

We selected WordPress for this project in order to accomplish the goal of flexibility. By building pages with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), each page is ‘built’ based on the content on the page, rather than based on a template. This gives content editors a lot of control over what is shown to the customer.

Wakefly designed and developed this site.

Key Features:

  • Most main content sections of the templates are controlled using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) which has the easy, user friendly editing capabilities
  • Customizable Featured Pin Galleries that displays pins aesthetically no matter if there are a small or large number of pins
  • Highly customizable forms using Gravity Forms
  • Flexible pricing tables that display gracefully no matter how many rows or columns.