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American Program Bureau, Inc. (APB)

With over 50 years of industry experience, American Program Bureau, Inc. (APB) was founded to provide an open forum for individuals to voice their opinions and points of view.

  • CMS Implementation
  • Paid Search
  • Web Redesign

APB has a deep pool of expert speakers available, ranging from politicians and business leaders to actors and athletes, who will make your event engaging and memorable.

American Program Bureau, Inc. (APB) wanted their site redesigned to include a new, updated look and feel that was professional and reflected the value the company provides to its clients.

Wakefly conducted interviews with internal stakeholders at APB to determine how the site is used and the most important content to be presented. With that information, Wakefly recommended changes to the information architecture as well as the layout of the content pages. These changes were implemented in the new design of the site.

The site was developed in Umbraco, an open source ASP .NET-based content management system. With over 1,500 speakers with individual pages on the site, there was a lot of data to enter and maintain, so it was imperative to have a simple interface in the CMS. APBĀ also required a high level of control over the order that speakers would be displayed in on different pages depending on the audience. Wakefly structured the templates in Umbraco to allow the client to be capable of this degree of specification.

Key features include:

  • Ease of content entry and maintenance
  • Responsive design
  • Ease of searching for speakers via different methods

In addition to the website project, we also worked with APB to manage their paid search efforts. They had been running their Google Ads account for a few years but never really put a lot of focus on it. Wakefly was brought in to get their Google Ads account back in shape and following best practices. Starting with a PPC audit, we uncovered a lot of opportunities for improvement and implemented a complete account restructure. We also made sure they had proper conversion tracking set up.

When looking at the data from the point that Wakefly took over management and comparing it YOY we saw the following:

  • 80% increase in total Clicks
  • 73% improvement in CTR
  • 34% decrease in the Avg. CPC
  • 350% increase in Conversions
  • 73% decrease in the Avg. Cost per Conversion
  • 150% improvement in Conversion Rate

Check out the case study below to learn more!