• Wakefly Reference Program

  • Introduction

    Like any research process, prospects sometimes require references. We realize our clients are busy and don’t always appreciate Wakefly (or anyone else) pestering them for references. We wanted to provide our clients with incentives to be registered as a Wakefly reference and be rewarded for their help during the sales process. Once you register as a Wakefly reference, your information will be available for us to give to a prospect. What’s in it for you? Don’t worry, Wakefly is providing a variety of goodies for those who enter into this program. 

    How It Works

    Once you agree to be part of the Reference Program, by filling out the appropriate form, you will go into our database as a willing reference. If you are chosen to be a reference for a prospect, we would give the prospect the agreed upon contract information (taken directly from your form submission), and they would be responsible for reaching out to you. Once we have confirmation that you have spoken to the prospect, you would be eligible for a reward. These rewards are offered menu style, with options like the following: Visa Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Donation to a Listed Charity, or Wakefly Services. We understand that companies might have specific requirements for accepting gifts, so we want to make sure we provide you with something that fits into your company structure. We will distribute your requested reward quarterly.Want to sign up? Click here and send us your name, email, and phone number and we’ll do the rest!