Web Design and Development in Higher Education

Wakefly is a company born of website design and development, and with the experience of hundreds of successful sites, you can trust that we have overcome most every obstacle imaginable.

From sites looking to clarify their application process to marketing departments trying to clarify their marketing data by isolating their student portal traffic, we have tackled some of the more daunting challenges with great success.


You Need a Strong Website to Meet Your Enrollment Goals

Every Admissions department constantly drives to meet the enrollment goals of the institution and relies on the marketing department to create all of the leads through effective recruitment and brand awareness. Any school who doesn’t realize this is only a portion of the battle is fooling themselves.

The student engagement, the alumni engagement and the faculty engagement are just as important as any of the recruitment that the site provides, but not allowed to be minimalized.

We recognize the importance of not forgetting those who built the institution to its present state, and the value of their donations that begin by a solid connection with the younger and inspired individual that emerged from their college experience enabled to accomplish all that their wild minds could imagine.

The website has a responsibility to foster the nostalgia and the relationship to allow the philanthropist the opportunity to support that amazing time in their life and the potential of those who may follow wish to them.

Regardless, the way you determine the site architecture, the code-based indicators and tracking on the site will determine how successful your institution can be in that endeavor even before your development staff are able to reach out.

The record we have in the success of this effort is not to be understated, and the staff of developers we leverage towards this task is second to none.

In considering what the most cost effective investments you can make in the future of your institution, are you comfortable with less than the best?


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Client Testimonials

  • Wakefly has been a trusted partner of Ottawa University since 2010 and has been instrumental in developing and launching two major versions of our public website with the Kentico CMS. We recently incorporated a responsive design to our website in early in 2015 to meet the needs of our mobile users and the feedback has been positive. Our Project Manager, Mark Sloop, has met or exceeded all of our development and maintenance request expectations for our website in a timely and professional manner. I could not imagine having to manage all aspects of updating and maintaining our website in today’s competitive education market without the assistance of Mark and the Wakefly team.

    Bryce Bettin
    Ottawa University