Your Guide to a Successful Redesign in the High Tech Industry

Web-Redesign-Graphic-for-Landing-PageLet’s face it, website redesigns are hectic, especially in the High Tech industry. There are so many design and development decisions being made, that it can become easy to completely overlook key SEO details.

This eBook explains 10 of the most common overlooked SEO elements and other mistakes that set your new website back and prevent it from driving online traffic.

Use this as a guide to your next web redesign project to make sure you successfully transfer all of your new website maintains and can build upon the domain authority you worked so hard to create.

In This eBook, We Cover These Topics and More:

  • Auditing Your Current Website
  • Utilizing Buyer Personas to Create Meaningful Content
  • Properly Transferring Your Sites Domain Authority
  • Tracking and Analytics Considerations and Setup
  • Helpful Tips and Tricks from Professionals in the Field

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