Web Design and Development in High Tech

Wakefly is no stranger to web design and development. As a matter of fact, it’s what we were doing when our company was founded.

No challenge is too big for us. With hundreds of website projects (redesigns, builds, market tracking) under our belts, we have seen everything that can be thrown at us.

Not only have we seen them, we’ve surpassed all the problems we’ve faced with success as well.


How Can Your Website Helping You Reach Your Goals?

Your high tech business has many needs whether you’re offering open source products, CRM Integration, or everything else. We’re here to use our technical knowledge to promote yours.

You may want to promote your content management, product sheets or software downloads to spread brand awareness and gain more customers. Regardless of your desires, Wakefly will help increase your lead generation and perform all needed tasks to keep your website running smoothly and looking sharp.

Your website will become a bastion for your company, drawing in customers and informing them whenever new developments are made and creating brand loyalty.

No matter what your goals are, your endeavors can fail before they even get to start. How you design the layout of your site, the tracking metrics, and the code itself all matter. If they are not implemented to the best of their capacities, your site can be wholly underdeveloped. We have a powerful team of developers whose success in these tasks is unrivaled.

When you have Wakefly at your disposal and you are deciding on the most cost effective route to better the future of your company, do you really want anyone other than the best?

Our Work in High Tech

Wakefly has years of experience working with high technology in both website design and development. Below are a few examples of our high tech web design projects showcasing what we can do for your company.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I was instantly impressed with Wakefly’s ability to answer my questions and their vast knowledge. Over the past three years Wakefly has helped us through two complete website redesigns. The team has also helped us address speed and bandwidth issues. Wakefly has provided our company with valuable services and they really feel like an extension of our marketing team”

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